Secret Tips for Lease Best Deals & Specials

Arm yourself with correct and up-to-date information and learn to negotiate the lease best deals. Request a free lease quote today to obtain all information you need to get the best deal on your lease!

Tip 1: Take Advantage of Slow Sales – Often the best lease deals can be found advertised. If a manufacturer or dealership is experiencing a decline in sales, or showrooms full of a specific model they will offer rock-bottom leasing specials to clear out inventory.

Tip 2: Negotiate the Best New Car Price – Find out how much the vehicle you’re interested in is selling for in your area. This will give you a rough estimate of how much you’re likely to pay for leasing or buying.

Tip 3: Deduct Additional Cash Incentives – Manufacturers may offer additional cash incentives. These are to be deducted from the capitalized cost after you have agreed on a set price

Tip 4: High Residual Value Equals Savings – Research brands and models with high resale or residual value. Based on your lease term find how much the vehicle will be worth after your lease is over.

Tip 5: Making Sense of Interest & Fees – When you request a lease quote from a dealer, ask for the money factor as well. The money factor multiplied by 2400 will provide you with a rough estimate of the APR. This should be no higher than current car loan financing offers. Sales taxes will be paid with each monthly payment. Since lease payments relatively low, you can expect to pay less tax monthly.

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