How to Shop for the Best Leasing Deals

You may be surprised to learn that you can negotiate a car lease exactly as you would the purchase of a new vehicle. Car dealers have many opportunities to improve a lease deal if you know what to ask and how to properly negotiate.

Choosing a model with a high resale or residual value can lower lease costs significantly. Also remember to look for current manufacturer or dealership leasing specials. These are usually advertised and easy to find.

Research your financing options through multiple lenders. Often banks or credit unions can offer better interest rates than a dealership. Look for interest rates around the same level as those available to you for a car loan.

Make sure the mileage limits meet your needs. Also understand what the leasing company considers normal wear and tear. You’ll want to make sure you stick to these rules or you will end up paying more at the end of your lease.

Find out the length of the manufacturer warranty. Make sure it will cover your vehicle for the entire lease term.

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