Best Lease Deals Even Better From Rising Auto Sales

Summer 2014 has been the season for spending! In the past 12 months, retail sales have increased 5% with the biggest growth occurring in August, half of this has been from motor vehicle sales alone. Increased consumer spending is the best indicator of an improving economy: in basic terms, the more comfortable people feel about their economic standing, the more comfortable they feel spending money. But how will this help you save on your next new car?

Car manufacturers produce quantity based on supply and demand. If consumers aren’t spending money at the dealership, manufacturers will produce fewer vehicles. This drives the cost of each vehicle up in order to offset the lower sales numbers. However, if more consumers are buying cars- increasing the demand- manufacturers need to increase the supply. The greater the supply, the lower the individual cost (whether purchasing, financing, or car leasing deals) because profit margins are based on the sale of multiple vehicles, not just a few. With auto sales on the rise this summer and the best lease deals available everywhere, now is the perfect time to finally buy a new car, due to the favorable circumstances of supply and demand for you, the consumer! Request a free online price quote from and find low prices on any make and model throughout the country.

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