How to Get the Best Lease Deal

Leasing can be a confusing process with so many new terms, an array of numbers to calculate, and a tricky car salesman. However, armed with the proper information just about any consumer can find the best lease deal.

Start by looking for manufacturer or dealer leasing specials. These are often advertised. Check the websites of your favorite brands looking for lease deals.

Shop for vehicles with high residual or resale value. Residual value is represented by a percentage. An ideal car to lease is one that retains 50% or more after 24 months.

Before you visit the dealer learn the MSRP and invoice price of the new cars you want to lease. Also find out the value of your trade-in. Print these out to have on hand during negotiation.

Try not to focus on a low monthly payment. You want the best overall deal, and though saving on a monthly payment sounds great it can add to the cost of your lease.

When provided with an itemized list detailing all costs and fees. Carefully review the interest rate, residual value, lease term, and the down payment. Now you need to do a little work to determine if your getting the best lease deal.

Looking at the complete cost of your lease divide by the lease term to estimate your monthly payment. If your monthly payment is less than 2% of the MSRP it’s a good deal.

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