Four Steps to Find the Best Car Leasing Deals

Car leasing is becoming more popular than ever due to some of the best car lease specials we’ve seen in years. With a little research you too can find the best car leasing deals online in minutes. Complete the following four steps and be confident you’ve found the best lease deal for the car you want.

Step 1: Select High Residual Value Vehicles

Look for vehicles with high residual value. Residual value is just the percentage of value a vehicle retains after the lease. Expressed in percentages, the higher the residual value, the smaller percentage you’ll be required to pay.

Step 2: Locate New Car Lease Deals

Manufacturers and dealers often advertise excellent leasing offers. These kinds of leasing specials are easy to find, just keep an eye open when reading the news, online, or watching television.

Step 3: Gather Information

Research the MSRP and factory invoice price of a few of your favorite vehicles. Again, keeping your options open will allow you to find the best leasing deals possible. Find out current incentives and leasing specials.

Step 4: Negotiate the Best Deal

Start by contacting multiple dealerships, tell them exactly what you want to lease and request an offer. Doing so by phone or email will allow you to carefully review each leasing offer before making a decision.

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